Behind the Name

Our Jonrah Events started as a wedding hashtag (#OurJonrah) when I, Sarah Valencia planned and coordinated my wedding in the summer of 2018. I love a good pun and when I discovered how my husband’s name (Jon from Jon Jon) and my name (rah from Sarah) blended together seamlessly to form “Jonrah” and sound like the word genre, I felt there was a special ring and feel to it! It felt unique that our names sounded like an actual word that was defined as,

a category of artistic composition, as in music or literature, characterized by similarities in form, style, or subject matter.

Likewise, I believe that every couple and event is unique, just like their own defined genre. As with a classic tale, song, or book, I want the events I plan and coordinate to be looked back on with a nostalgic joy and defined by the people I am privilege to work with.

With my passion for planning and creative engine reignited, I ventured to begin Our Jonrah Events that following fall. You can read more about my background at Founder + Planner.



To help couples and businesses celebrate and create special event experiences that are memorably well planned.


To build an interactive platform of product and services specialized for the events industry. To establish Our Jonrah Events as an inspirational, engaging, and collaborative brand.



sharing our love for planning and expertise in coordinating an event from idea generation to event execution


there is so much joy in putting people first and establishing strong relationships when you work with them and for them


to create and execute events to achieve rewarding feedback and top reviews with our partnerships, vendors, and clients


we believe in giving back to non-profit organizations and providing our services to those who are at a disadvantage


educating and inspiring our audience one event at a time with personal sharings, industry insight and curated workshops