Modern Elegance Meets Romanticism Inspirational Shoot

As I write this post, I am realizing how my past experiences are coming full circle in what I am doing now. It’s so amazing how all my skill sets and diversity of work has led me to start Our Jonrah Events in impeccable timing. What I am doing now feels so refreshing and loved - yet timing is key to truly giving your passion your all.

Okay, this shoot was an out of this world dream. The people I got to collaborate with. The vision I was able to execute. The photos that we get to share. The shoot getting featured! EVERYTHING.

Featured Bridal Shoot

It all started because I desired to create content and exposure for OJE and to bring my creativity to life. I still recall sitting in our venue location, DOSC, a few weeks before the shoot and how inspiration just hit me. I was jotting as if what I was planning was already going to be done and surely, my idea pitching to each of my contacts was a success. I am seriously so thankful for their trust and desire to work alongside me as a new planner on the scene. They each heard my vision and provided their talent to help me execute.

This photo shoot really showed me how strong and far the power of collaborating is and that is something that I love. In an African Proverb it goes,

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together

A big shoutout to this team below and to Confetti Wedding Magazine for featuring us here! Check the feature out and read the full inspiration!

Featured Bridal Shoot

Photographer: Clara Cecilia Photography

HMUA: Mai Makeup

Florist: Florals by Anita

Model: Rielle Taylor

Gowns: The White Gallery

Calligrapher: Rabbit’s Loop Calligraphy

Venue: DOSC

Event Planner/Stylist: Our Jonrah Events

Colour of the Year

“Symbolizing our innate need for optimism and joyful pursuits… embodies our desire for playful expression” -Pantone

Wedding Floral Trends 2019

You may have spotted this colour and its variance in the past few months. From terracotta inspired homes to the spring collections flooding into retail, living coral is all around us and creates an opportunity for us to express ourselves in new ways.

As for weddings, I recall tangerine tango being a hit 7 years ago (a bolder coral), so it’s so nice to see the cycle of fashion make its way back in a softer and sweeter presentation.

Here are some inspiration suggestions for you to inject living coral into your big day.


Think peonies, dahlias, carnations, or ranunculi blooming in a loose bundle of rich salmon tones- what a lovely hue against your wedding gown. I hope to be seeing more this colour in bouquets coming spring and summer!

Wedding Decor Trends 2019


As living coral provides a bolder accent, keep your tablescape simple and highlight it with your guest napkins or a pop of colour in your favours (candy anyone?).

As living coral is inspired by something organic, it pairs well with textured elements such as greenery and contrasts playfully with shape and movement with the utilization of balloons, streamers, or tassels. Think dessert table displays or a decorative photo wall for lots of Instagram worthy moments.


Destination Wedding 2019

Coral colour drinks will sure be a conversation started! Consider having a His & Her drink with one of them being a coral inspired cocktail. It’ll be the talk of the night and you’ll be able to spot who’s drinking from afar.


There’s something about coral that works so well for a destination wedding on the beach. Perhaps it’s just its colour calling. Pair coral with neutrals like sand, off-white or ocean blues for a refreshing ceremony or go ombre and feature the colour full on for your bridal party!

Moody Valentine Sweetheart Table

Wedding Sweetheart Table

Sweetheart tables are all the rage and there’s no better time to feature them than around the iconic date night of the year. For this styled shoot, I timed it right before a workshop with Florals by Anita so that our attendees could be smitten-ed by their seating experience.

Wedding Sweetheart Table


Usually you think of reds, pinks, and whites when it comes to Vday, but this time around I wanted to create a themed table with a timeless statement and steer clear of the commercialized feel that is so frequently sighted. Utilizing deep navy blues and aubergine in the colour scheme gave off a cool tone while still remaining elegant. The pop of gold provided the ultimate glam factor and pulled the details as one.


The Victorian-like scripted runner was seriously the kicker to this idea. I never thought that pairing a burlap-like, rougher-around-the-edges style runner would complement the otherwise layered lightweight and soft chiffon one so well. This is an experimentation of contrasts at its best and I love how the runner played off the calligraphy pieces. Speaking of which, there’s something so romantic about cursive penmanship and Jenny from Purposeful Script went above and beyond to not only write, but print these programs on gold foil.

Wedding Sweetheart Table
Wedding Sweetheart Table


Integrating the trend of geometric lines, we utilized arabesque shaped glossy tiles to read “You Are Mine” and “I’m Yours” to provide the lovey dovey atmosphere we all love. I also provided the concept to these stunning teardrop bathbombs with the help of Bubble Bath and Soap Co. and they definitely became the feature of the setting.

Everything tied together effortlessly and it was so much fun to not only envision this shoot, but be able to actually create some of the items for it.

Here’s a fun fact: due to timing, I wasn’t able to properly source gold cutlery so I spray painted my own! All for the shoot right?!

Thank you to these creative and hard working vendor for bringing my vision to life:

Photography: Allie Knulls Photography (read her blog on the event here)

Venue: Foundry Room

Rentals: River City Events

Florals: Florals by Anita

Calligraphy: Purposeful Script

Balloons: Balloon Source

Planner: Our Jonrah Events

Favour: Bubble Bath and Soap Co.

To see more photos, visit my Facebook page.

To see photos of the workshop, check out this album.

Wedding Trends 2019

I know we like to say wedding season is around the corner and we hopefully reference the warmer season living here in Edmonton, but I believe the wedding season has already started. The blank white canvas of snow, the images of feather light snowflake tenderly falling, and layered fashion looks in true north fashion (think plaid, faux fur, leather, and velvet), has got me spotting the splendor and unexpected glamour of winter weddings more often.

Though researching and observing wedding trends, I found some notable and recurring trends that will set the stage this year. Read on to find out more- you may just be surprised!


Wedding Trends 2019


Since last summer I’ve been noticing childhood comebacks and a rising of what was once “for kids” grown to sophisticated and chic options for weddings. Balloons are making a comeback in an elegant and dramatic way, just take a look at Balloon Source’s Instagram feed and you can’t leave without being wow-ed by the creative options. Sumptous Lollies just made their Grammy launch and their flavour concoctions are tempting me to have one of every kind- favours you’ve met your match!


Wedding Floral Trend 2019


We’re slowly transitioning back to the classic 3 tier cakes, but this time, they are bigger, with greater detailing and fancier tiers. Cakes are making a bold comeback and we love what a LOT of local bakers are doing such as Tracy Bakes, Annie’s Cakes, and Raes Baking Co . We’re sorry cupcakes and cake pops, you’ll have just have to take a backseat this season because it’s all about the cake cutting.



Wedding colours are still an important element, but a rising star is theme weddings. Fun and personalized touches are trumping traditional aspects and we love how people are infusing their own wedding with their personality and couple-y character. From hand written notes to guests, curating scenic/location base inspiration of choice, or even changing up the floorplan, the ideas are as diverse as every two tying the knot.



Online invites are becoming more commonly sighted as couples try to save money but also make it quicker and more efficient for wedding guests. I mean… how many of us have misplaced an invite or waited until the wedding day to double check the venue’s address? Plus, we’re also sighting décor that can double as usage for the home and couples bringing the indoor outside (think cozy lounge areas) so that items can be reused. Small businesses like Front+Centre are creating durable wedding décor that can be bought and outstand their wedding usage.   



Wedding Food Trends 2019

As food trends going, guest experiences are becoming more interactive and flexible with the arrangement of food stations, passed hors d'oeuvres and creative late night options. From instant noodle cups to the guest favourite of McDonalds… you won’t have to worry about food wastage when the smell of McDees strikes you at midnight and you need to fair off the alcohol intake.  His & Her drinks are also quite popular while the limited options help to keep guests classy with cocktails going stronger than beer or wine. I highly recommend the Old Fashion Mobile Bar for fun drink options (I’m bias- I was their bride!).


Bridal Fashion 2019


One thing hasn’t change, we all love a royal wedding and are consumed by the fashion. Think minimalistic, classy, off the shoulder and delicate. Brides are also strutting two piece ensembles and opting for jumpsuits into the evening for unconventional style and chic photos. Who says you can’t get married in a lace crop top and high waisted skirt pairing? Check out the Lea-Ann Belter collection at Bridal Avenue for some stunning options!

Curating a Holiday Workshop

As I was driving to work one day, a workshop vision came to mind. I didn’t want to just create a workshop where people come to partake in a craft and leave, I wanted them to have an experience and enjoy their time with all those present.

Edmonton Floral Hoop Workshop

With ideas running in mind, I connected with Anita from Florals by Anita and together we partnered on our first workshop. I love planning with a touch of wedding to it. I believe people look forward to weddings because it is an experience in itself- the intimate sharing of two, personalized details, pretty elements, and a joyous atmosphere to celebrate and be in. Likewise, I wanted to incorporate aspects of this into our Holiday Floral Hoop Workshop.

As divine timing would have it, the Foundry Room was transitioning to a new space and we were able to host the last workshop ever in their previous location. The industrial setting, cement walls, raw brick look, and one off decorative items made for a blank canvas for us to envision and build upon.

With Laurie K. Jensen on board for photography, we were able to have beautiful photos taken and also allow for guests to take selfies and group photos infront of our styled photo wall. In fact, the space was so interactive that our guests started to take photos in unplanned areas as well.

Wedding Favours

Working with Bubble Bath and Soap Co., we created custom body scrubs with our labels on it and had guest names written in script by Rabbit Loops Calligraphy. Guests loved the personalization and being able to have a gift to take home. I personally am not a fan of swag bags with multiple coupons and minimal exposure, so I rather partner with 1-2 vendors and create something of value and sentiment.

To keep it sweet, we had Glaze Dessert Bar provide their holiday angel wings and I curated a do-it-yourself hot chocolate and tea station for guests to enjoy.

Edmonton Floral Hoop Workshop

Though the workshop was a huge success and we received wonderful feedback, it wasn’t without its challenges. I learnt through this experience that just like with wedding RSVPs, guests are last minute in purchasing their tickets. This was discouraging at first because we needed to guarantee a certain amount of funds for the event to proceed. As well, knowing our numbers in advance would help us to be able to confirm details of this event sooner and better inform participating vendors.

Also, my initial vision was having a 2 in 1 workshop, where you would create your floral hoop and have professional photos taken and received, but in planning and reviewing logistics, we realize that focusing on the floral workshop would be best and having an opportunity for a photo would be secondary as many people would opt to take photos on their own phones anyways. Thus, a learning lesson in itself and allowed me to gain a perspective from the lens of a photographer and the green thumb of a florist.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. -African Proverb

Edmonton Floral Hoop Workshop

I would like to thank you all those who attended and participated. I am so thrilled to have had all of you on board and I look forward to the next event!

Check out our Valentine’s Galentine’s Eat + Floral Workshop coming up on February 16!