Making of a Grand Opening

Edmonton Grand Opening

This grand opening was the first sponsored event by Our Jonrah Events. In putting this event together, it also propelled OJE to move forward by spinning out more ideas and connecting with the industry further. Though it wasn’t initially a highlight, it did remind myself of working in retail management and assisting with grand openings. The most memorable was not only planning and executing a VIP event, but also hosting and emceeing it with a colleague. I was young in my career then, but being able to look back and recall those memories is very rewarding.

This event also allowed me to pull together some resources and contacts I’ve had while planning my own wedding. I love how the events industry is so interconnected and how diversify a vendor’s portfolio can be.

In the making of this grand opening, we really want to highlight the transformative branding, look, and services Beauty Hour has to offer. The family based team behind the company had put so much effort and time into curating a new space and the event had to uplift that!

A lot of behind the scenes brainstorming and reasoning don’t often get shared, but I do want to point out some ideas that worked well for Beauty Hour’s grand opening.

Branded Balloons

Branded Event Balloons

Incorporating Beauty Hour’s new logo and colour allowed for the extension of the brand to make a pop (no pun intended), and provide visual appeal to the intimate space. Visually it raises the eye to look higher and having them dispersed throughout the room drew the attention to the different features and areas that were prepared. Balloon Source was an amazing supplier and they had just released doing vinyl logos a couple of weeks prior to this event - we are thankful they were able to make this happen.

Local Giveways & Influencers

Besides OJE, the managing partner of Beauty Hour was able to find fitting businesses to supply prizes to be won from the beauty and health industry. This allowed for cross promotion and also showed the collaborative nature of Beauty Hour. Plus, who doesn’t love attending events with prizes to win?

We had also drafted a list of influencers to target and invite. Unfortunately the scheduling of this event didn’t work out for most, but it would’ve been a great way to get the word out to a relevant target market.

DIY Photobooth


Chloe, a fellow event coordinator in the making did a fantastic job designing and making the photo wall and props. A fun, yet interactive way for people to share where they are at and show off their new nails if they snatched a complimentary spot at the grand opening! It was wonderful to see all the people using the station and having the wall at the back of Beauty Hour immediately allowed guests to spot it as they walked in.

Overall, I am so thankful for this experience and to be able to work alongside a fellow boss babe, Galee. I look forward to our future efforts together and seeing Beauty Hour grow. If you haven’t been to the new store yet, be sure to do so!

Find out more about Beauty Hour at their website!

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