Colour of the Year

“Symbolizing our innate need for optimism and joyful pursuits… embodies our desire for playful expression” -Pantone

Wedding Floral Trends 2019

You may have spotted this colour and its variance in the past few months. From terracotta inspired homes to the spring collections flooding into retail, living coral is all around us and creates an opportunity for us to express ourselves in new ways.

As for weddings, I recall tangerine tango being a hit 7 years ago (a bolder coral), so it’s so nice to see the cycle of fashion make its way back in a softer and sweeter presentation.

Here are some inspiration suggestions for you to inject living coral into your big day.


Think peonies, dahlias, carnations, or ranunculi blooming in a loose bundle of rich salmon tones- what a lovely hue against your wedding gown. I hope to be seeing more this colour in bouquets coming spring and summer!

Wedding Decor Trends 2019


As living coral provides a bolder accent, keep your tablescape simple and highlight it with your guest napkins or a pop of colour in your favours (candy anyone?).

As living coral is inspired by something organic, it pairs well with textured elements such as greenery and contrasts playfully with shape and movement with the utilization of balloons, streamers, or tassels. Think dessert table displays or a decorative photo wall for lots of Instagram worthy moments.


Destination Wedding 2019

Coral colour drinks will sure be a conversation started! Consider having a His & Her drink with one of them being a coral inspired cocktail. It’ll be the talk of the night and you’ll be able to spot who’s drinking from afar.


There’s something about coral that works so well for a destination wedding on the beach. Perhaps it’s just its colour calling. Pair coral with neutrals like sand, off-white or ocean blues for a refreshing ceremony or go ombre and feature the colour full on for your bridal party!