How It All Started

Happy New Year!

Wow (!) I can’t believe I am writing my first blog post for my website. As a young girl I loved to journal. As I became a teen, the digital world turned me to blogging. With the busyness of adulthood, I turned to Instagram for quick sharings and long posts. However, its been a while since I’ve consistently wrote and I am so excited to start again as I do love to write and share, especially on a topic I have so much experience and passion for.

So, how did it all start?

The short answer: with new found confidence to leave my “what ifs” behind and a nudge from someone I reconnected with.

The long version?

Here it goes.

Getting engaged and married within six months in 2018 meant lots of ideas, planning, and quick execution. Though some may have thought I was ambitious and eager, I loved it and fell in love with creative planning and the world of weddings again (yes, it started years back! A sharing for another time).

Post-bride with a new ring on my hand and new title later, the industry of creative events was calling me. Now, my day job is as a corporate event planner and I’ve worked in very diverse yet eventful industries, but the beautiful details, love stories, and passion about weddings and curating my own ideas for events spurred me on.

The month after I got married, I reconnected with a friend of a friend whom I haven’t connected with in years. She shared how she was rebranding her mom’s nail salon and I shared my life updates and goals to do events under my own name in the future. The timing was crazy divine as she was just about to plan her grand opening but needed some help. Now, I totally wasn’t thinking I start my own business right away, but her nudging and encouragement got my engine going and next thing you know, I was navigating meetings and executing Beauty Hour’s grand opening (read about it in the next blog post!).

This story reminds me to have “expectations without agenda.” I’ve heard this from a sermon in the past but it couldn’t have rang more true a few short months ago. Take the opportunities as they come, shut the door to hesitation, and believe in yourself more than you can imagine.

Now what?

Well, here we are.

Our Jonrah Events.

If you are interested in reading the story behind the name, visit here.