Wedding Trends 2019

I know we like to say wedding season is around the corner and we hopefully reference the warmer season living here in Edmonton, but I believe the wedding season has already started. The blank white canvas of snow, the images of feather light snowflake tenderly falling, and layered fashion looks in true north fashion (think plaid, faux fur, leather, and velvet), has got me spotting the splendor and unexpected glamour of winter weddings more often.

Though researching and observing wedding trends, I found some notable and recurring trends that will set the stage this year. Read on to find out more- you may just be surprised!


Wedding Trends 2019


Since last summer I’ve been noticing childhood comebacks and a rising of what was once “for kids” grown to sophisticated and chic options for weddings. Balloons are making a comeback in an elegant and dramatic way, just take a look at Balloon Source’s Instagram feed and you can’t leave without being wow-ed by the creative options. Sumptous Lollies just made their Grammy launch and their flavour concoctions are tempting me to have one of every kind- favours you’ve met your match!


Wedding Floral Trend 2019


We’re slowly transitioning back to the classic 3 tier cakes, but this time, they are bigger, with greater detailing and fancier tiers. Cakes are making a bold comeback and we love what a LOT of local bakers are doing such as Tracy Bakes, Annie’s Cakes, and Raes Baking Co . We’re sorry cupcakes and cake pops, you’ll have just have to take a backseat this season because it’s all about the cake cutting.



Wedding colours are still an important element, but a rising star is theme weddings. Fun and personalized touches are trumping traditional aspects and we love how people are infusing their own wedding with their personality and couple-y character. From hand written notes to guests, curating scenic/location base inspiration of choice, or even changing up the floorplan, the ideas are as diverse as every two tying the knot.



Online invites are becoming more commonly sighted as couples try to save money but also make it quicker and more efficient for wedding guests. I mean… how many of us have misplaced an invite or waited until the wedding day to double check the venue’s address? Plus, we’re also sighting décor that can double as usage for the home and couples bringing the indoor outside (think cozy lounge areas) so that items can be reused. Small businesses like Front+Centre are creating durable wedding décor that can be bought and outstand their wedding usage.   



Wedding Food Trends 2019

As food trends going, guest experiences are becoming more interactive and flexible with the arrangement of food stations, passed hors d'oeuvres and creative late night options. From instant noodle cups to the guest favourite of McDonalds… you won’t have to worry about food wastage when the smell of McDees strikes you at midnight and you need to fair off the alcohol intake.  His & Her drinks are also quite popular while the limited options help to keep guests classy with cocktails going stronger than beer or wine. I highly recommend the Old Fashion Mobile Bar for fun drink options (I’m bias- I was their bride!).


Bridal Fashion 2019


One thing hasn’t change, we all love a royal wedding and are consumed by the fashion. Think minimalistic, classy, off the shoulder and delicate. Brides are also strutting two piece ensembles and opting for jumpsuits into the evening for unconventional style and chic photos. Who says you can’t get married in a lace crop top and high waisted skirt pairing? Check out the Lea-Ann Belter collection at Bridal Avenue for some stunning options!