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#CovidWedding - 10 Ways to Celebrate your Original Wedding Date

Now that wedding season is in full swing, I know many who have postponed their wedding plans may have mixed feelings about their original wedding day. First off, I want to share It’s okay to feel sad or grieve what could’ve been a remarkable celebration. It’s okay to see others proceed with a ceremony and get married and wonder if you’ve made the right decision or not. All these feelings are valid (!), and honestly, you made the best decision you could during the time and restrictions in place given the constant updates and changes.

Currently, Alberta has announced that we are in Stage 2 of reopening the economy. This brings hope that the covid-19 situation is getting better with gatherings outdoors up to 100 and indoors up to 50. We’ve come far since three months ago, but of course, social distancing and being mindful of health measures are still ongoing.

In this blog I want to share ideas to help you celebrate and get over the hump of feeling nothing is happening on your original wedding date. I hope it encourages you to see new possibilities and celebrate in a way that feels right for you. Regardless, your wedding day will still happen and those incredible plans you’ve made will come to fruition before you know it.

1. Plan a getaway

Whether this is a road trip for a day, or to the mountains, take advantage of promotions going on as businesses open doors and resume. Fairmont is currently offering a buy one, get one summer night free until June 15- a great option to explore Banff, Lake Louise, and Jasper while having an “earlymoon” to remember.

2. Revisit where you got engaged and walk down memory lane

Sometimes in the hustle and bustle of planning a wedding, we forget to enjoy the moments of being engaged and married life to come. Covid has definitely challenged us to pause and slow down, so why not reflect on how you got engaged? Let the memories remind you of how you felt and relive the enthusiasm you can carry towards the new date.

3. Spoil yourselves with a date night out and dress up

With restaurants reopening, this is a great way to dress up and book that favourite restaurant of yours for an intimate (and delicious!) evening together. My favourite suggestions include DOSC, Chartier, Ampersand 27, Japonais Bistro, The Workshop Eatery and La Ronde. Celebrate your relationship thus far and all the exciting things you look forward to most.

4. Pop the champagne at home and gather with your loved ones

If you are more of a homebody and feeling not quite ready to leave the house, that’s alright! Have your closest and dearest over and pop the champagne and cheers to the day that could’ve been. Makes jokes, drink wine, and laugh with your best friends. Home is where the heart is and those you love always make it better. I am currently loving Villa Teresa Rose Frizzante and Happy Hour Alcohol Gelato!

5. Schedule a photoshoot

Commemorate your original wedding date with photos to remember. If your engagement photos was postponed, this is an awesome alternative and you can also have your hair/makeup trial done for it. In some cultures, renting wedding gowns are common and taking studio shoots prior to the wedding day. If you don’t mind having photos in your wedding attire, you can consider this idea too for a different look.

6. Write miniature vows to each other

Often vows are written quite last minute (the planner always knows!). Now that you have the time and a reason to do so, why not write miniature vows to each other and share in a private moment on your original wedding date? I promise you it might be the sweetest thing you decide to do (make sure to have tissues on hand). You can also recreate one of these backyard wedding ideas to share your mini vows!

7. Make a new meaning on the wedding date

Perhaps its booking that trip you’ve always wanted, getting a puppy, or putting a down payment on the house you’ve been looking or. If you’re financially able to mark the date with a new meaning, it’ll be a lovely way to remind you of what’s to come and what you can “have and to hold”. I’m all for puppy cuddles!

8. Host a postponed cake cutting

Sweets make everything better so get your favourite dessert and have a “cutting ceremony” to symbolize your one year out, six months out, or what ever the length may be as you count down. You can even flip the original tradition of freezing your cake for your first anniversary to bringing out this postponed cake on your new date. I highly recommend Wild Rose Cakes, The Art of Cake, Sugar and Spiced, and Chocorrant.

9. Make the most of your ceremony!

If you are having a formal wedding ceremony, don’t feel it’s second best. Make the most of your small, but mighty day- hire that photographer you may not have been able to have, spoil your guests in attendance with great food, and make it a micro celebration! Trust me that your wedding will go down in history as one of a kind. Here are some lovely options I’ve compiled in this blog featuring Edmonton and area wedding businesses.

10. Hire me for a surprise!

Yes you heard me right! This is a fun initiative and one I love to do for you. For a flat rate of $69, I’ll put together a surprise itinerary of three activities (within your budget) and do all the bookings in advance. You’ll just have to show up with your fiance’ and enjoy yourselves! If you are interested, contact me here!

Let me know which one is your favourite idea in the comments!


Sarah Valencia

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