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#CovidWedding - Three Backyard Ceremony Decor Ideas

Last week, we received positive news from the Alberta Government that outdoor events can have gatherings up to 50 people in attendance while social distancing. I think it’s fantastic timing with this blog feature given that more couples are opting for an intimate ceremony and now, they can have more guests in attendance to celebrate with them!

I am sharing three inspirations in this blog to help get you to inspired with your backyard wedding celebration. As everyone’s yard is different, I provided three different styles you can incorporate base on what you have to work with.

Inspiration #1: Boho(me)

Taking inspiration from travels and the comfort of home, this setting is great for a casual affair where close family and furiends can gather around you as you say your vows. Afterwards, everyone can join in on a socially distance picnic on the lawn!


Think about which direction your house faces and the time of day you would like to have your ceremony. My yard faces west so it was best to create this in the late afternoon so it wasn’t super hot, but also provided a good timeline for photos to take place that were slightly back lit (sun behind the camera). I also liked having the fence as a background when you’re seated as it adds a nice touch.


For this idea, I used a soft and neutral palette with a mix of textures to create a boho-chic theme. I incorporated my faux living room carpet as the foundation of the setting and built upon it with fleece throws, decorative pillows, ratten baskets, and existing plants that I have.

The copper arch and the pink pampas grass provided the touch of pink I wanted and I hung a calligraphy banner from the arch as a focal point for the couple standing during their ceremony.

I finished the look with short flowering plants, vases filled with layered bath salts, and a Gigglewater champagne with flutes so you can have a toast right after!

Inspiration #2: Lit I Do

With Edmonton’s spring and summer sun going late into the night, I wanted to create a contrasting setting that could work for sunset or later. This is a great idea for an evening soiree or a romantic dinner once the knot is tied!


Once you have your ceremony date, look up what time the sun will set at. Given that it’s currently May, I had to start this setup at 8:30pm so that it would be ready for 9:30pm when the night was darker for the lights to glow. If you have a deck, this would be a great space to create this style just so we stay on the safe side in case any candles tip.


You may not think you have these items in your home, but I encourage you to think outside the box! For the arch, I actually created it using PVC pipe and spray painted it (previously made for an event). Though the patio string lights are quite popular nowadays, you can also use Christmas lights.

You want to draw the eye up given that your audience is looking at the design as a whole from a distance. Since my yard had no poles or hooks, I used coat racks to elevate the lights and raise sight lines.

My bar cart served as a signing table while my hexagon mirror acted as welcome sign (though because the mirror ended up being quite reflective in photos, I would place it elsewhere next time). Finally, various heights of candles were positioned near the base of the arch to create ambience.


If you love the outdoors and don’t mind eating outside, create a sweetheart setting using items from your kitchen and bon appétit! My entryway bench served as cozy seating for two.

Inspiration #3: Whimsy Garden Party

To be honest, I’ve never gardened in my life, but when inspiration hits, it leads you to challenge yourself! This soil patch was terribly weed-y and totally not cared for, but I wanted to creatively revive it given that my detached garage made for a cute little backdrop.


If there’s an exterior wall you like or perhaps if you have a detached garage like I do, use it to your advantage. It could be where you say “I do” and act as a photo opportunity for guests afterwards. Again, I took into consideration that this wall was east-facing so I set this up in the morning so that the light would be behind the camera and best to capture.


This look is the simplest, but in reality, it took the longest to prepare. Once the soil was ready, I purchased various florals to create a rainbow flowerbed. I planted from red on one end, to violet on the other! From begonias to geraniums, lavender, and carnations - I made my decision off of the colour and then learnt how to care for each one. If you’re an avid gardener, I’m sure this will be up your alley!

I like the idea of a wall because you can hang or tape anything from it- I repurposed these clouds I had made for another event to create a whimsical photo opp, but it can be a banner of your names and wedding date, photos of your relationship, or perhaps a balloon arch.

Which style is your favourite? Comment below and let me know!

Have fun and get creative!

Sarah Valencia

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