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#CovidWedding - How do I decide to postpone my wedding?

This is a heavy and unfortunate topic. A month since #quarantine (as of March 17 for us in Edmonton), it hasn’t been any easier for those planning a wedding and finding normalcy in this unprecedented time. I think the burning question I keep hearing from my clients and couples concerned, are all similar, but emphasizing the unexpected thought of postponement. When do I postpone? How should I move forward? What are the options?

Well you’ve come to the right place!

As a planner, my heart hurts from this situation and its taken me some time to best put into word and action given the daily changes/updates and putting my clients’ contingency plans together first. Now that I have moved forward with two ceremony plans and have initial steps in place for my summer clients, I hope my knowledge and insight can be of help to you too.

From the bottom of my planning heart, we’re all in this together!

So how do you decide if you need to postpone your wedding?

So if your wedding was March-May, and possibly early June, likely you’ve already made the hard decision to just have a ceremony, postpone, or cancel if you are comfortable with that decision (meaning your non-refundable deposits are lost).

As a reference, I am looking at each wedding case by case as each celebration is different and personalized. However, a standard I am going by is making concrete plans 60 days out from each wedding. For June and after weddings, the option to postpone takes into consideration many factors and also the anticipated updates to come from the government. There is no right or wrong decision, I want to emphasize this because it’s base on YOUR comfort level and the decision that will work for you and your fiance the most.

Questions to ask yourself:

  1. Am I comfortable proceeding with an official ceremony and have the reception later? Which means dressing up, having an officiant and 2 witnesses, and perhaps a few guests (depending on current restrictions) to witness your momentous love to wed despite a pandemic. I’ve already help two couples do so!

  2. Would I prefer to have the ceremony and reception all in one day and just postpone to a more comfortable time to marry? Likely you want to start the conversation with your venues and vendors early to find a potential new date.

  3. How many international and cross country guests do I have on my guest list? Considering travel restrictions, health of guests, as well as your comfort level in having a lower attendance.

  4. If my wedding date is able to proceed, would I be happy with following the restrictions in place if they are still present? (such as changing the floor plan to meet distancing requirements, having extra sanitary measures in place, or limiting number of guests)

  5. How creative can I get with my wedding? Perhaps this is a time to consider an option you haven’t before but would be happy to jump on - elope?!

As you can tell, these questions alone will reflect differently for each person. I hope you can take some time to go over each one and think about what matters most to you.

In my next blog, I will focus on critical next steps if you have decided to postpone.

My prayers and thoughts are with you.


Sarah Valencia

*UPDATE AS OF APRIL 23: The Alberta Government has announced that restrictions on gatherings of 15 or less will remain through August. Given this present information, all weddings now through August don’t need to make the decision 60 day out as suggested above, they can do so at their comfort level if they choose to postpone. More details here.

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