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#CovidWedding - The Effects on 2020 Summer Weddings

Last Thursday (April 23) hit everyone hard, especially the event and wedding industry. Given the latest Alberta Government announcement that the restrictions on event gatherings would remain at 15 or less (with social distancing) through August, this meant that almost every wedding had to change, postpone, or proceed with new plans.

In one regard this is good to know as many couples were waiting for that “next” announcement to feel comfortable with the next steps at the forefront of their minds; rather than waiting to change plans closely to their summer wedding date. However, it doesn’t make it any easier or less stressful. Even for us planners who initially went by the suggestion of evaluating each wedding 60 days out, this was no longer the case. Every wedding over 15 had to have alternative arrangements made up to August.

What is going to happen to 2020 Weddings?

Thus, speaking for myself (and I’m sure many couples who have planners), I’ve been working non-stop Friday and over the weekend to get my couples new wedding dates so they can still have top choices or confirming the “plan B” for those having one on hold. For those who prefer postponement and having their ceremony and reception together, a new date was determined to proceed mindfully for 2021. The next step was informing all the vendors- my last blog helps to outline these critical steps.

Given the multitude of weddings being postponed and depending on the popularity of your venue, some clients had to be open to a non-Saturday wedding day, likely a Friday or Sunday option.

If you are looking to plan a wedding for 2021, you will need to also have an open mind that venues may be holding dates for current couples postponing and have multiple options to keep selections favorable.

What about ceremonies within restrictions?

Definitely an option, now more than ever!

In recent days, I’ve seen many venues and vendors providing new options and packages to help couples who want to proceed with their wedding ceremony. Whether this is an all inclusive option of the essential vendors, or a stand alone service, the wedding industry is innovating and getting more creative than ever to help you tie the knot!

I know this is a very unfortunate scenario, but there are still options and lots of fun ways to get married. Whether that be in a private space, a garden elopement, or in the comfort of home, we are all here to help. Plus, why not celebrate intimately in your wedding attire, perhaps have your hair/makeup trial, and enjoy the day knowing that YOU GOT MARRIED DURING A PANDEMIC!? It will be remarkably memorable for years to come.

How does 2021 look?

Busy! Given that “2020” has a nice ring to it and was a popular year for many celebrations large and small, 2021 is now carrying it over in addition to existing 2021 weddings. I would encourage anyone wanting to get married in 2021 to start their planning now to have best options in mind. Even if its just to start a conversation, this would help provide peace of mind knowing who or what you are working with.

A note about vendors

Given that weddings are quite seasonal in Edmonton and the number of postponements happening, please understand that this means a lot of vendors are working with postponed income as well. Every contract is different, but if you aren’t able to move a specific vendor, know that it is highly likely the deposit is non-refundable. When choosing a new date, remember to consider your top vendor choices and understand you may have to acquire new ones for those who are already booked and you are open to choosing an alternative for.

In my next blog, I will be sharing elopement ceremony options in Edmonton!

With all my support,

Sarah Valencia

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