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#CovidWedding - 2021 Weddings: Proceed Regardless or Postpone Again?

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

Its been exactly a year since I started this #CovidWedding Help! Blog and little did I know I would still be writing. Don't get me wrong, I do love writing these blogs, but I do wish the scenario we are in could be a lot different.

We're still living in a pandemic unfortunately. We're still figuring out our wedding plans. The wedding and events Industry is still struggling. Back in February, I started this "Save the Wedding Industry in Alberta" petition here!

Last April was also my very first "covid wedding" as my fun loving couple Molly & Sing-Chi, pivoted their plans within a month and proceeded with a greenhouse ceremony at The Enjoy Centre with 8 people total instead of a grand celebration of 400 guests. Definitely not an easy decision to make, but they are so glad they did because this year didn't look as expected either. I think the question to ask yourself is, if in a year's time covid-19 is still around, would you wish you were married or that you waited? Only you can truly provide the answer to what you value and what works best for you, your fiance, and your plans.

Last year, I started this blog series with the question, "How do I decide to postpone my wedding?" (click to view blog) given the shock and uncertainty of how the coming months would look. I think many questions I posed in that blog can still apply to you, but the good news is that this year we are projected to be able to proceed with larger and safer weddings given the multitude of vaccines on the horizon and also the new "Path to Recovery" as outlined by the Alberta Government in the recent news update. The question is more so when that will happen rather than if.

Postponed from 2020 Couples

So I think for those who have already postponed one year ago and still want to have a "normal" wedding with larger guestlists and minimal restrictions, your question is likely how long do I wait before deciding?

There's honestly no right or wrong answer, but last year I went by a benchmark of deciding 60 days out so you have ample time to transition, find a new date, inform your guests, and move forward. The last thing you would want is to make a decision on the fly and feel stressed and overwhelmed with everything you need to do.

The best news would be being able to proceed with your plans as restrictions and guidelines can change anytime. For those who are ready to proceed regardless, I believe things are looking up and will get better as more people get vaccinated.

I know it makes a lot of people anxious to wait, but given how this past year has looked, restrictions could ease at anytime and I wouldn't want you to lose an opportunity to have your ideal wedding date/plans if you did decide to postpone. Last April, Dr. Hinshaw said "restrictions of 15" would stay throughout the summer months, but less than three weeks later, it went up to 50 and many of my clients had jumped the gun to postpone within that timeframe. Some wishing they got married rather than postponing.

Another option is delaying your wedding plans just a few weeks or months as per the vaccine schedule so you don't need to wait as long to get married. I know Fall is looking busier than Summer this year for this reason, but if you are flexible with a new date (such as a weekday or Sunday), there are still favourable options for you to consider.

OG 2021 Couples

For those who planned their wedding for 2021 and never expected to face this situation, I'm so sorry, this is not how a wedding journey should look. I would highly encourage you to read my very first blog as with this second one, "What are critical steps I should take to postpone?"

I know these decisions are not easy to make and my heart goes out to every couple going through this. I resonate with each one of you as a planner and trust me when I say a lot of us working in the wedding & events industry are advocating hard for change and for reasonable guidelines for our industry.

Hang in there! and keep persevering, we are in this together! As always, if you need any help with your plans, do connect as my calendar is constantly shuffling and I would be happy to help you see your wedding plans through in the best way possible.

Molly and Sing-Chi's wedding and love story were also featured in Metro UK! Read on to find out more about how they made their wedding day special!

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