Rohanna & Andrew

Warm | Minimal | Organic

Rohanna and Andrew started their day with a relaxed first look in the Millwoods ravine, a testament to their love of the outdoors and all the scenic adventures they’ve had together. After their Christ centered ceremony, they maximized their photo taking given it was late Fall and the sun would be setting earlier

The bride’s love of sunflowers provided a distinct and fall-esque feel to this warm and minimal wedding design. We incorporated their love of Lord of the Rings with the placement of lego figurines on their King’s table and shared  the sentiment of their polaroid photos. The warm and colourful fall palette was sprinkled throughout the floral frog centerpieces, taper candles, and even a lounge area for guests to enjoy.

We love that Rohanna and Andrew desired an intentional and fuss-free wedding experience for themselves and their guests. They chose to serve wine from New Zealand to their guests to commemorate their honeymoon to follow!